HVAC Cruise Control

Cruise Control for Your Home’s Heating and Cooling System? You Bet!

It’s nice to set a speed on your car and then let the car handle adjusting as needed to keep that speed. And you can do the same thing with your heating and cooling system. When you are driving without cruise control, think of the burst of push that takes place when you accelerate in comparison to when you are driving with cruise control.

With a standard furnace, that same explosion of energy develops when the system recognizes that more heat is needed in the home. A multi-stage system has two or more output levels. More often than not, your system can function at a lower level, allowing for more continual and consistent air distribution. It’s like cruise control for your family’s home comfort. Traditional systems on the other hand have only on or off.

Multi-stage HVAC control provides more levels of comfortable air output…and it will even stay within one degree of your desired temperature.

  • Consistent comfort level – stays within one degree of your ideal temperature
  • Low speed operation lets your air filters capture more of the contaminants in the air, so your air is cleaner and healthier
  • Quiet operation – no big blast of air or noise when your system comes on
  • Efficiency – lets your furnace to run at a lower level when possible, conserving energy

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