Lennox GWB8-E

GWB8-E: A Gas-Fire Water Boiler You Can Depend On

Lennox GWB8-E BoilerThe Lennox® GWB8-E provides warmth effectively when you need it most. This boiler features a cast iron heat exchanger and stainless steel burners built to avoid corrosion and oxidation1 and last for years. Effective heat year after year? It can’t get much better than that.

Similar to our some of our other products, this boiler has an electronic ignition control that turns the burner on only when it’s needed. Energy savings are maximized with a thick fiberglass insulation and vent damper, which closes on its own when the boiler turns off. In fact, the GWB8-E’s efficiency ratings can reach nearly 84% AFUE, leading to reduced energy bills.

We’re already experts at boiler installations, but the GWB8-E makes our job more simple. We can easily integrate it with your radiator system and it’s available in a variety of sizes. That means you can install this boiler almost anywhere in your house. Don’t want your boiler to use natural gas? That’s okay. The GWB8-E can also be fueled by LP gas instead.2

Containing three qualities we want to see in a boiler, the GWB8-E has it all: well-made parts, energy efficiency and dependability. Call your D.A. Bennett Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning in at 518-205-3324 to learn more or schedule a free appointment. We’re located in Albany, so a cozy home is closer than you might think.

1 262 and 299 models feature titanium burners.

2 Shipped as natural gas; convertible to LP.